Worthwhile YTMNDs

site title creator score
?(nsfw) Mad Maynard enderanjin (3.79) 
?Born Loser Radelta (3.77) 
?OBEY the KING! v3 (refresh) wWooDd (3.91) 
?Beating in the nuts painindaglavin (3.74) 
?(nsfw) DIARRHEA torchit (3.90) 
?The Moskau Dancers cozbone43 (3.99) 
?OMG JESUS ON MY WMP syndrome (3.80) 
?What Happened to YTMND? person12013 (3.78) 
?Leeeeroy...VADER ZANZIBAR (3.89) 
?Christopher Walken builds robots ykl (3.94) 
?Medieval EMO :'( hatt3r (3.76) 
?Rock'em Sock'em Michael Moore! (u... Jett (3.91) 
?Azumanga Knee Racing XDestruction (4.08) 
?Matthew Lesko needs your help! lessthanthree (3.74) 
?Walken with a Ghost MasterSitsu (4.05) 
?Thank god they are on our side Jponry (4.20) 
?Spaceship Traffic Jam RTF (4.05) 
?Jenova's Witnesses- New Sound! oscar-sama (3.80) 
?Who is Mike Jones? Fazetwo (4.44) 
?(nsfw) Not Going Anywhere For A While? Spoken-Word (3.84) 
?Peppy Hare addresses Congress limozeen (4.06) 
?COCAINE BADGER MasterSitsu (3.99) 
?Medieval Dave Chappelle canmewda (4.02) 
?Bird Flu in Turkey? What are the chances? MML (3.94) 
?Listen To Picard Dumass (3.96) 
?Fuller! Go easy on the Gay Fuel! EricOakford (3.78) 
?The Vikings Will Go Sailing No More - Culpepper Ti... Yozetty (3.94) 
?George Costanza! still likes milk! mittens (3.95) 
?My faith in Google is shaken Fox-o-Nine (4.03) 
?(nsfw) YOU HAVE NOW OFFICIALLY CROSSE... fyrestorm (3.77) 
?YTMND AIN'T NOTHIN' TO FUCK ... JohnnyQuest (3.76) 
?Lemming March! (now with new song!) nrr (4.52) 
?Dexter's Parrot LÖL~! IggyKoopa (3.94) 
?Rocket Gman namnwod (3.96) 
?The headshot to end all headshots teajae (4.15) 
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